A Year Full of Stories

This is a wonderful collection of stories! Arranged month by month and celebrating special days and events from a range of cultures, traditions and religions from around the world, A Year Full of Stories really is a treasury!

Perhaps one of the reasons it appeals to me so much is that it reminds me of books I had as a child. There is a charming, almost old-fashioned, air about it from the 'This book belongs to...' on the opening page to the appendix at the back. Yet the events it highlights are a mixture of the traditional and the more modern. 'World Ocean's Day', for example, was started in 2002, 'World Wildlife Day' in 2014. 'Kwanzaa' in 1966 and 'World Water Day' in 1993. These sit alongside dates like St David's Day, Valentine's Day and Vesak.

The tales included have obviously been chosen with great care, matching events from one culture with stories from another. St Swithin's Day, for example, is marked by an African Bushman story, 'Elephant and the Rain Spirit' and World Water Day by a personal favourite of mine- 'Tidalik, the Thirsty Frog' from Australia.

However, a little further research or explanation might be needed with the placing of some events- Ramadan, for example, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, but is placed in the June section-Islam following a lunar calendar. In 2017, Ramadan will start at the end of May.

Full of colourful illustrations, 'A Year Full of Stories' would make a perfect Christmas present for any family- or teacher!

A Year Full of Stories: 52 Folk Tales and Legends from Around the World

Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr

Frances Lincoln      ISBN: 978-1847808592