Words, wonderful words...

Today in 1884, the Oxford English Dictionary was first published. Words are such an important part of our lives- many people have a favourite word. People enjoy crosswords, word searches, playing with words, puns...

With this in mind, here is John Foster's 'Word spinning', an amazing piece of work and great fun to use in school!

Spin pins into nips.

Snap pans into naps.

Mix spit into tips.

Turn parts into traps.

Switch post into stop.

Whisk dear into dare.

Carve hops into shop.

Rip rate into tear.

Twist tame into mate.

Make mean into name.

Juggle taste into state

In the word spinning game.

John Foster

Today is also the birthday of American author, Jerry Spinelli. My favourite of his books is the wonderful 'Milkweed', which I would recommend whole-heartedly. Set in Poland during the Holocaust, it is the poignant story of a Warsaw street orphan. Simple stunning.