If only I could draw...

It's now official; I have illustrator envy. Other lucky people seem to be able to brush a pencil across a page a couple of times and -  voilà, a masterpiece! I try and there it is- a squiggle on the paper. Life is just not fair!

Still, I can teach- and I can spot a book that will appeal to children from the other side of the bookshop! So, when I was in Waterstones after a long day at school,  I knew this was a book I had to buy...

I love Emma Chichester Clark's 'Plumdog Blog' (another cause of my deep-seated illustrator envy!) in which she chronicles the adventures and mis-adventures of her dog, Plum. The illustrations perfectly capture her exuberance and the many doggy things she gets up to. 

And this is the first picture book all about Plum- 'Love is My Favourite Thing' (Red Fox ISBN: 978-1782951476)! Full of good intentions, Plum just can help being herself- full of fun, full of life, full of mischief- and that sometimes gets her into trouble. 

Beautiful picture after beautiful picture make the book a delight to read and the story can be related to children. We all do the wrong thing sometimes, but those around us still love us unconditionally. The story offers reassurance that we can learn from our mistakes- and move on!

The use of the handwritten style of writing adds to the charm of the book and the content is perfectly pitched for younger children whilst Plum's antics will appeal to everyone.

Perhaps we should start writing about the things Torie's pooches get up to- perhaps I should try drawing them? Who knows what might happen? Until then, I'll continue to enjoy this lovely book and the 'Plumdog blog'. (http://emmachichesterclark.blogspot.co.uk/)