Sophy Henn telling Tales on Moon Lane

From first glance, I knew I was going to really enjoy this bookshop...

'Tales on Moon Lane' is a real treasure of a children's bookshop, found on Half Moon Lane in Herne Hill. I was delighted to discover that they had a programme of half term events on this week and that when I was planning to go the lovely Sophy Henn was going to be in the shop!

The popularity of this special place became obvious to me before I even got off the train. A mother and her daughter sitting opposite me started chatting about going to 'Tales on Moon Lane' and how much they enjoyed visiting and what they might choose next! You can imagine my building excitement- I wasn't even off the train and my expectations were high!

Finding Half Moon Lane was easy- what a great name!- and I spotted the bookshop, a colourful oasis in the row of shops. 

And I was not disappointed as I went inside...

The back room is packed with novels and longer stories. The layout is very appealing and offers plenty of browsing space. I managed to find a few treasures here!

The front of the shop offers a great range of picture books and that's where we settled to listen to Sophy Henn.

Pom Pom Gets the Grumps is a great favourite of mine and was short listed for our last year's award. Sitting on the carpet, surrounded by little ones, Sophy read this first and had us all captivated from that moment on!

Next, she read the story of Pom Pom The Champion. These books are a delightful way of looking at things through a little one's eyes and exploring situations they commonly find themselves in, allowing discussion about how to behave and respond. Excellent for the home- and for school!

With a delightful way of speaking to each child that makes them feel very special, Sophy taught us all how to draw a happy Pom Pom. Torie has already tweeted my feeble attempt so I won't embarrass myself further by sharing it here! 

All the children were encouraged to have a go and their efforts were praised! It was lovely to watch! Sophy then read us her new book-'Pass It On'. After being encouraged to join in with actions and having a lovely time, the children settled to making their own octopuses. 

Whilst their children were creatively engaged, I chatted to some of the mums there, who were full of praise for, and pride in, their local bookshop-'Tales on Moon Lane'. There was also much praise for Sophy and her manner with the children. One family had been to see her the last time she had been at the bookshop and knew they couldn't miss seeing her again! Everyone there was so lovely and had such a good time!

Definitely a shop I will be going back to - and definitely an author/illustrator I would recommend! I had a lovely afternoon- not a 'Harrumph' anywhere!