Enjoying Bath Spa!

Bath, or Aquae Sulis, became a spa when the Romans built their baths there around AD 60. 

People have enjoyed the hot waters (seen bubbling up at 46 degrees from the spring in the photo above) in Bath for centuries. 

Thermae Bath Spa is the modern version, offering visitors a more up-to-date version of the Roman experience! Not being a fan of such things, I have no pictures to offer, but I have friends who have been and loved the whole experience!

However, there is another spa treatment available in this beautiful, historical town- one with no water involved!

Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights offers a book spa- perfect for the book lover, the reluctant reader and everything in between! This was my second spa and, after my hectic time in London and Hampton Court, I was in need of a relaxing experience!

Having been settled into my comfy chair, I was left to enjoy the warmth of the fire and my surroundings whilst I was made a cup of tea- and brought a piece of cake (Have you noticed how often cake appears in my adventures?!)

Once settled, I had a lovely book chat, exploring what I wanted to get from the spa. Danielle, my advisor, was very enthusiastic and obviously shares my passion for books, making it a real pleasure to chat with her. I was then left to enjoy my tea and cake whist she disappeared off to make a selection of books for me to look at.

I had a lovely time browsing the shelves around me. The whole shop is an absolute delight to be in, full of treasures on every subject. I was delighted to find a selection of works by the wonderful David Crystal and some fabulous books on London.

Then my books arrived! It took two members of staff to carry them all- oh, the joy!

Danielle and Ed talked me through their selection and then left me in peace to explore the treasures they had found for me. 

Over an hour and a half later, I appeared at the till, clutching my choices. It was a struggle to decide and I had to leave some behind as I have spent a huge amount of money on books this week and had to be good!

These are a couple of the ones that got away...

I left clutching two bags of lovely books and a Mr B's mug. Never has the phrase 'so many books, so little time...' been more true!

It was a lovely experience, one which I will, no doubt, repeat soon!