Foyles on the Southbank

A very friendly and light shop, this is a must for a visit if you are on the Southbank in London. 

The children's section has an excellent selection of titles and there is plenty of space to browse. I was particularly impressed to see that their 'Recommended Reads' shelf contains some of our favourites!

My books haul from here was smaller than I would have liked it to be simply because I had to carry it all with me, but there was a very good choice and the staff were helpful. 

I have finished most of these books and am looking forward to posting about them some time soon. 'Movers' was last night's treat and I shall start 'Wild Lily' tonight (when I have finished the marking mountain!)

A great place to visit when strolling along the Thames, going to the Globe, visiting the Poetry Library, the Southbank Centre... Just make sure you have a trolley with you!