The Cartoon Museum

Another of London's smaller treasures, The Cartoon Museum is located at 25, Little Russell Street- very close the the British Museum. 

There are regular exhibitions hosted here which focus on British cartoons and cartoon history. In April, there will be one about the rise of the British graphic novel, featuring work by William Hogarth, Kate Charlesworth, Dave Gibbons, Martin Rowson, Posy Simmons, Bryan and Mary Talbot and many others.

The current exhibition looks at the work of Martin Honeysett, marking the first anniversary of his death.Including examples of his work from publications like 'Private Eye', the collection is a very witty, humorous look at life!

The shop offers an excellent range of books, including a good selection of children's comic books. Workshops for both children and adults are regularly held, exploring and developing a range of cartooning and animation skills. 

You can find out more on their website: