The Poetry Library

Found on Level 5 of the Royal Festival Hall, the Poetry Library is a must visit for everyone. Housing a huge collection of poetry from 1912 to the present day, it's a poetry lover's paradise!

If you go, make sure you take the 'yellow' lift. Not only does it have a poem for you to read, it sings to you as you go up and down! 

Outside the library is a fantastic poetry den to be explored. With books to share, little desks to sit at and blackboards on which to create your own masterpieces, it's the perfect place to inspire poets of the future!

I went to have a look at children's poetry, but couldn't resist a wander round the whole library. What a treat!

The children's section was crammed full of wonderful anthologies, selections, collections and works of a whole range of poets- many well known, some I was not familiar with. Lots to look at and choose from.

I was also pleased to notice how many children were in the library, enjoying the books on offer. 

The purpose of my visit was to try to find some suggestions for the poetry category of our award. I have a list of  titles to investigate, but we are still seeking suggestions for our long list.  If anyone has any ideas, please email them to us!

You can find out more about The Poetry Library and the work it does on its website: