YA fiction- Red Eye

It's my son's birthday today (Happy birthday, Ricky!) so I thought I'd look at some YA fiction.The 'Red Eye' series from Stripes publishing offers a range of very scary, often gruesome, very compelling stories with teenagers in mind...

The first I read from this series was 'Frozen Charlotte' by Alex Bell (ISBN: 978-1847154538). The book takes its name from a type of doll that was made in the 1800's - small, naked, frozen-looking dolls. Creepy enough in themselves, they become even more sinister when associated with a popular poem called 'Frozen Charlotte' which tells of the death of a young woman who froze while out riding in a sleigh with her sweetheart. Cheerful stuff!

These dolls are the inspiration for this story - and it is seriously eerie! Everything in the story combines to make this a very chilling tale which moves along at a pleasing pace.

'We want to play with you...' 

'Sleepless' by Lou Morgan (ISBN: 978-1847154552) is a complete contrast. Set in London, the story is about a group of teenagers facing exams. Desperate to succeed, they decide to take a wonder pill, designed to help them study. The side effects are terrifying, leading the friends to question everything and everyone. With a chilling conclusion that leaves you wondering, this is not one to read after dark!

'...and as the smile on Grey's face faded, Izzy found herself starting to giggle...'

The 'Saxby Smart' series by Simon Cheshire are great reads so when I saw he had written one of the Red Eye books, I was sure I would enjoy it!  Well, having read it, I'm not sure enjoy is quite the right word!

'Flesh and Blood' (ISBN: 978-1847154569) is a gripping read which keeps you turning the pages. Sam knows his neighbours are hiding something so he decides to investigate. Before long, he's wondering whether there is anyone he can trust and how he is going to survive the nightmare he has uncovered. 

'The truth will come out. One day. Someone will read these words.' 

Horror stories are not really my thing, but each of these books offered strong characters and a compelling plot. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series- when I feel brave enough!