Great books for younger readers!

Finding really good books- ones that are a bit different- ones that use quality vocabulary- for younger readers can be very difficult. So imagine my delight when I read two in the same week!

Although a shorter story, 'Izzy the Invisible' offers a very satisfying plot and lovely characters. Bullying, family relationships, moral issues- all the things that young children might experience- come into the story and it has the fantasy element of Izzy disappearing due to her grandmother's experiment! The vocabulary used offers challenge and adds to the interest level. 

Each character is very well defined and convincing. Izzy is a really believable little girl, tempted to use her invisibility to get up to mischief. She fibs to her mother, but ultimately tells the truth as so many children do. The warmth of the relationships between the characters are excellent and make this a lovely family to read about. I hope there are more stories about them!

As well as being a great independent read, I think this would make an excellent guided reading text. There is plenty of potential exploring the text through reading and independent writing activities. I can't wait to try it out!

In addition to all the above, the illustrations are fantastic! Laura Ellen Anderson's pictures are full of detail and humour which complement the story perfectly!

Izzy the Invisible by Louise Gray, illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson

Piccadilly Press ISBN: 978- 1848125094


Tom Percival's 'Little Legends: The Spell Thief' also offers an interesting plot and strong characters. Full of references to fairy tale and fantasy characters who lie in Tale Town, the stories offer developing readers a strong starting point to build on. 

In 'The Spell Thief', themes of friendship and trust are explored. Children come to understand that things are not always what they seem...

At the back of the book, there are profiles telling you more about the four main characters. There is also a website-

Illustrations and text work very well together. This is part of a series so I look forward to Jack's next adventure with his friends in Tale Town.

Little Legends: The Spell Thief- Tom Percival

MacMillan ISBN: 978-1447292098