Dog Loves... Louise Yates!

Dog is one of my all-time-favourite picture book characters. The fact that he and I share an undying love for books and reading might have something to do with this...

Dog is a perfect character for little children. He is very enthusiastic about things and you can tell from the tilt of his nose and the position of his ears how he is feeling. 

In 'Dog Loves Books' (Red Fox ISBN:  978-1862306950), Dog decides to open a bookshop to share his passion with others. Things don't go quite according to plan, leaving Dog downhearted.

Then he begins to read:

When he read, he forgot that he was waiting. When he read, he forgot that he was alone. When he read, he forgot that he was in a bookshop...

What an amazing way of sharing the magic of books! The words are perfectly complimented by pictures of dog immersed in his reading adventures. When customers finally come to him, he knows which books to recommend to each one. All teachers and librarians need to have that little bit of Dog inside them so they are able to help everyone find just the right book. 

In 'Dog Loves Drawing' (Red Fox ISBN: 978-1862308657) , Dog is given a very different kind of book- one with no words.

"How curious," he thought.

Dog has the most amazing adventure as the pictures he and others create become the story. An excellent read, this also lends itself brilliantly to work on creating stories and using illustrations. 

In 'Dog Loves Counting' (Red Fox ISBN:  978-1849415484), Dog comes across many creatures in his quest to count himself to sleep. Great for joining in with the counting, dog counts forwards and backwards - and ends up looking at the stars, which could encourage children to count to greater numbers.

The book also offers an interesting range of animals, birds and insects that Dog involves in his counting quest- excellent for finding out about! 

And I've just found out a new 'Dog' book came out in September last year- 'Dog Loves Fairy Tales' (Red Fox ISBN: 978-1782955931). I don't know how I managed to miss it!

Apparently, I have bought too many books so far this year and so have to give up buying for March. I have protested and offered to give up sweets/ chocolate instead, but to no avail..!

So, I will have to wait to get a copy...maybe!