Teen reads- Marie Lu

This series of dystopian teen fiction is one of the best that I have read. The books contain all the usual features of the genre, but, in addition, the lead characters are very real, engaging people who you find yourself drawn to.

'Legend', the first in the series, focuses on Day, the most wanted criminal in the Republic. Breaking into a hospital to try to get medicine for his sick brother, Day finds himself accused of killing Metias, brother of June, the Republic's prodigy. 

June then becomes determined to track Day down, but when she meets him, she finds a very different character from that portrayed by the Republic. 

It is the relationship between these two characters primarily that (in my opinion) makes this books work so well. They are so different, yet they are similar in how they love those close to them, how they are loyal to their friends and family, how they want to do what's right. The very different situations they have grown up in have offered them very different opportunities and opinions, yet their fundamental beliefs- although expressed in different ways- are very similar. 

Their story continues in 'Prodigy'. June and Day are now together- Day believed dead by the Republic and June wanted as a traitor.

Unlike many trilogies of this type, the second and third books maintain the high standard set by the first. The plot demands your attention and is fast and action packed. The relationship between Day and June becomes increasingly intense and complex and all the more believable for this!

The climax of the series- Champion- does not disappoint. I am not ashamed to say that I cried at the ending. It is so beautifully handled; not a trite conclusion, but a really fitting ending to the series. Great stuff!