Tom Moorhouse- New book released...

We loved Tom's first book- The River Singers- which is all about water voles. Up against strong competition, this won the 2015 NSTBA for the Quality Fiction Category.

The compelling storyline, the appealing characters and the fantastic language choices/ description all make this book an excellent read. Comments from those voting were consistently full of praise for his style and we are currently working on a teaching sequence based around this lovely book.

And now Tom's done it again! His new book, (his third- 'The Rising', sequel to 'The River Singers', is the second), 'Trickster', is one not to be missed! Although very different to the previous two, this is a must for classroom shelves- perfect for children who want a challenging, 'intelligent' read.  Here is a review by one of our members.


Gabble and his brother, Ash, are young rats living in the family burrow with the Mothers. But Ash is different; he’s wild and unpredictable- and always leads Gabble into trouble.

Having been tricked into following Ash on a name raid, Gabble finds himself drawn into a dangerous adventure which could cost them both everything.

This is such a good read! As an adventure story, it is exciting and compelling with a satisfying conclusion. The world of the rats is very believable and well structured.

Tom Moorhouse is highly skilled at drawing convincing, engaging characters- I don’t like rats, but I found myself very fond of both Gabble and Ash by the end. The relationship between these two is fascinating; sibling rivalry, loyalty and differences are explored.

The story also looks at being different and how this can affect you. Ash is made reckless by the treatment he receives from others, but in the end comes into his own, living without fear. His development as a character is so well handled that the reader is with him every step of the way, hoping things will turn out well in the end.

The quality of language used throughout this novel is amazing. As with ‘The River Singers’ and ‘The Rising’, Tom Moorhouse writes in very lyrical prose which allows the reader to create a vivid picture of his words. Although ‘Trickster’ stands alone, for those of us who have read his previous books, there is the additional treat of finding out more about Fodur, the rat in those stories.

His work is such a pleasure to read.

OUP   ISBN:  978-0192743992


What are you waiting for? Read it yourself- and please let us know what you think!