National Doodle Day!

'National Doodle Day is a doodle-tastic annual fundraising event organised by Epilepsy Action. On Friday 5 February 2016, friends, family and famous faces will join together to draw a line through epilepsy.'

Find out more on the website.

What better way to join in this great day than by playing the shape game!

'Although on one level it’s just a game, I believe that it encapsulates the act of creation… everything comes from something else, inspiration is everywhere...' 
Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne's wonderful book, 'The Shape Game', is the perfect way to approach the idea of doodling and making pictures. There are lots of ideas and resources for using this on the Children's Laureate website.

I have used this book many times in school in a variety of ways, but this afternoon, my Y6 colleague and I read the story to our classes and encouraged them to play 'The Shape Game'. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment were a real delight to see and they were so creative! There was lots of laughter and much story telling as they developed the shapes they were given into characters and objects. It was a lovely way to end the afternoon!