The Year of the Monkey

Happy New Year!

Children love trying new languages! Not being a Chinese speaker myself, I find this book essential at this time of year!

Elinor Greenwood, the author of this great book, led workshops at the Hay Festival last year which were great fun! 'Easy Peasy Chinese' has a CD with it which allows everyone to hear the correct pronunciation and have a go! Great fun! It's also full of interesting and fun facts about China and the Chinese. (DK Children 978-1405318631)

Another book about Chinese which is fascinating is Chineasy! 

This lovely book, written by ShaoLan Hsueh and illustrated by Noma Bar, uses a unique set of illustrations that help you to remember and learn the characters. (Thames and Hudson Ltd ISBN: 978-0500650288)

Both books are very user friendly and appealing to children. 

'The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac' by Susan Whitfield, illustrated by Philippa-Alys Browne, is a great re-telling of this story, with notes about the characteristics of each creature and a note from the illustrator about her chosen style for this book.