Let's Go on A Bear Hunt!

Going for a walk in BEAR country? You'd better make sure you know your bears...

This is how this fabulous book begins. 'A Beginner's Guide to Bear Spotting' by Michelle Robinson, illustrated by David Roberts (Bloomsbury ISBN: 978-1408845554), is full of quirky illustrations and wonderful humour, making it a fantastic read for all ages!

This book is all about imagination and its limitless possibilities. Why not go on a bear hunt with your cuddly teddy bear?You never know when it might come in handy!

It is also full of useful advice-

Black bears are dangerous and BLACK. Brown bears are dangerous and BROWN.

Although sometimes brown bears can be a little BLACK…

…and black bears can be a little BROWN.

As you would expect from David Roberts, the illustrations are delightfully humorous and work perfectly with the text. The spreads feel deliciously uncluttered, offering plenty of opportunity for discussion and further imagining.

Great fun, this is one of those books that  you just have to have!