Mel Foster and the Demon Butler- Julia Golding

Mel is a cabin boy taking part in a not very successful mission to find the North Pole. When sent to break the ice, he finds something mysterious...  Eve, a monstrous giantess, who decides she is his friend and protector, NOT a monster!

Arriving back in London (with Eve), the crew find things have changed. The queen hasn't been seen in weeks and her strange butler has taken control. This leads Mel to join forces with a whole crew of loveable misfits with famous families (Dracula's sister, the sons of Dr Jekyll/Hyde...) to stop the evil butler destroying the Queen and  British Empire.

This is the first in a new series by Julia Golding, author of the fantastic Cat Royal series and the brilliant Companions Quartet. It is very different in style and content than these, but is a very enjoyable read. The characters are very well drawn and likeable, showing loyalty and real friendship through adversity.

'Mel Foster and the Demon Butler' is a great adventure story which will appeal to children looking for humour and a pacey plot. A fun read!

'Mel Foster and the Demon Butler' by Julia Golding Egmont ISBN:  978-1405277341