St Patrick's Day...a day late!

Yes, I know St Patrick's Day was yesterday- sorry- but I didn't have time to do this then. So, working on the principle of better late than never, here are a selection of books to celebrate Ireland's special day!

'Patrick's Dream', written and illustrated by Cynthia and William Birrer, is the story of St Patrick, told using embroidered panels. Each page is edged with Celtic style borders. This book is a great introduction to the life of Ireland's patron saint.


'The King of Ireland's Son' written by Brendan Behan, illustrated by P J Lynch (Anderson Press ISBN: 978-0862646936 ) is a tale firmly rooted in Irish folklore. The book is beautifully illustrated by P J Lynch whose artwork never fails to delight. 

The Orchard Book of Irish Fairy Tales and Legends retold by Una Leavy and illustrated by Susan Field (ISBN:978-1852139391 ) is a lovely selection of ten favourite Irish stories. A beautiful collection wonderfully illustrated, this is an essential book for any library.

Jessica Souhami's wonderful adaptation of this popular Irish folk tale is perfect for reading aloud and sharing. Finn McCool's brave wife, Oona save the day- and her husband! With fun, brightly coloured illustrations, this is a real winner!

Another lovely collection of Irish Myths and Legends, told by Marie Heaney, illustrated by P J Lynch- quite beautiful!