The Rabbit Problem...

Whether or not today is World Maths Day, 'The Rabbit Problem' by Emily Gravett (and a lot of rabbits) is a perfect book for having some fun in a maths lesson!

In 1202, Fibonacci investigated the issue of how fast rabbits could breed in ideal conditions. This is the scenario that Emily Gravett explores in this fantastically witty and original book.

The population in Fibonacci's Field is one in January as Lonely Rabbit sends out an invitation for someone to join him. In February, this becomes one pair of rabbits as he is joined by Chalk. There is a knitting pattern (using Fibonacci's Wools) provided as February is so cold.

There are two pairs of rabbits in March as the original pair have their first off-spring and we see the birth certificate of Alfalfa and Angora in their 'Bunny's first month' book...and so it continues until there is a real problem!

And so, Fibonacci's sequence -1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34...- is introduced! Children love the 'story' and all the details that are included in every spread. 

The whole book takes the form of a calendar, even having a hole by which you can hang the book if you so desire. Each rabbit is different and it is easy to attribute very individual personalities to each and every one of them as Emily Gravett's amazing illustrations are so detailed and charming. This is an amazing book that is excellent to share with children, but can also be used to develop understanding of a maths concept, making it great fun. (You can also use it to inspire all types of writing...the possibilities are endless!) But it is NOT a book about maths. It's a book about rabbits...lots of rabbits!

The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett Macmillan ISBN: 978-0230704237