Not long until Conference...

On Friday, several members of JAB are off to Telford Innovation Campus for the FCBG's 2016 Conference-Building Bridges, Forging Connections, Making Readers.

We are all really looking forward to the whole experience and have all been reading as many books by the authors attending as possible.

Friday evening's speaker, Katherine Rundell, author of 'Rooftoppers', 'The Girl Savage', 'The Wolf Wilder', will make an amazing start to the weekend as many of us enjoy her writing and will be clutching copies of her books to be signed! I know Emily, in particular, is looking forward to this talk. 

Saturday is overflowing with excitement! There are so many things to look forward to... I still can't decide which seminar I want to go to!

I finished 'Superhero Street' yesterday and so hearing Phil Earle will be interesting. 'Demolition Dad' is a great fun read and although his books for older readers are not easy reading, they are well written and thought provoking. 

Horatio Clare and Mike Revell's session is one of Torie's highlights. She loved 'Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot' and the way it tackles the awfulness of depression, describing what it is and its effects on individuals, and families with sensitivity and in a way that children can understand.

Chris is looking forward to seeing Shane Hegarty, author of the 'Darkmouth' books. He is really enjoying the first in this series which he would recommend as a fun, exciting read!

The Large Family maintain a very high place on my list of favourite characters so 'cocktails with Jill Murphy' is a not-to-be-missed session for me! Torie is also looking forward to this as she enjoyed 'The Worst Witch' books herself and is now buying them for her niece and nephew.

S F Said's 'Varjak Paw' is a huge favourite with teachers in our member schools so hearing him in conversation with the amazing Jane Ray and Prue Goodwin will start Sunday on a high note.

We can't wait to share our experiences of the weekend with you- I'm sure we will have plenty to talk about!