Dick King-Smith born March 27th 1922

There's a Roald Dahl Day and now, it seems, a Michael Morpurgo month, but where is our celebration of this wonderful author- the one and only, Dick King-Smith?

A highly prolific writer of stories for children, Dick King-Smith gave us lots of wonderful books, many involving animals. The most famous perhaps- The Sheep Pig- is a huge favourite of mine and one I have shared with children many times. The characters are so well defined and so loveable that it is impossible not to be cheering Babe on every step of the way!

Strength of character is one of the reasons why Dick King-Smith's books work so well as guided reading texts. Books like 'The Guard Dog', 'Emily's Legs', and 'Martin's Mice' offer many opportunities for discussion, writing in role, exploring feelings/ actions as well as using a great range of vocabulary. Although some children need support with some of the dialects he uses, this just adds to the flavour of the story - and the enjoyment!


There are so many of his books to choose from! Everyone knows I believe in keeping up-to-date with what's available, but they also know I believe we shouldn't neglect old favourites- I hope our website reflects this!

So- when should DK-S Day be?


'Writing my books is like handing out presents. Giving children pleasure gives you a wonderful sort of Father Christmassy feeling.'

Dick King-Smith, October 1995