The Phoenix Presents...

Packed full of puzzles, this is an excellent book for getting the brain going! 

You need to solve the problems to help Doogan complete the Great Air Race. Each puzzle has an 'impossibility level' so you know what you are taking on. There are also clues for each puzzle (and the solutions!) if needed. The plot keeps moving in comic strip form alongside the puzzles. 

This has caused huge excitement in the classroom, pushing Wally off the top spot! It's a great way of getting the children thinking and discussing possible solutions with each other, without even realising they are exercising their brains! 

 I need to get some more copies- quickly- and it doesn't come out until the 7th April!

Von Doogan and the Great Air Race by Lorenzo Etherington 

David Fickling Books  ISBN: 978-1910200827