Happy birthday, Mem Fox!

Quite a few years ago now, I was lucky enough to find myself teaching with a young Australian who was travelling around Europe. Lisa was an absolute delight to be around; her enthusiasm for life, the energy she put into teaching... We had great fun working together- and are still friends to this day!

It is through her that I found out about the work of Mem Fox...and it was love at first book!

Mem Fox has a brilliant website which is very useful and interesting for teachers, parents and children. 'A read-aloud lesson' is essential reading for anyone who wants to improve their skills in this area; you can listen to it while reading the text so you know exactly what Mem means. The 'For teachers:opinions' section is very interesting reading- I have sent links to articles in this section to colleagues many times! Make sure you take a look at http://memfox.com


Mem Fox is the author of a great many books- too many for me to look at in one post! 'Wombat Divine' was one of our '12 Days of Christmas' books so you can look on our bookshelf for our thoughts about that on the 8th day, you can find it in our 'Special Days' category.

For today, I have chosen three of my favourites- enjoy!


Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge ( Illustrated by Julie Vivas Picture Puffin ISBN: 978-0140505863)  is, without doubt, one of my favourite books. It is beautifully written, making a very difficult subject accessible to children. You can see it here


being read aloud. 

It's a story about memories- and losing them. When Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge hears his parents talking about Miss Nancy, who lives in the Old Peoples' Home next door, they say that she is losing her memory. Wilfred Gordon wants to find out more and, in doing so, helps Miss Nancy to remember. A very poignant, beautiful book!



Possum Magic (Illustrated by Julie Vivas, Thomson Learning ISBN: 978-1862910959 ) is a lovely story about Grandma Poss and Hush and their journey across Australia, eating traditional Australian food in an attempt to reverse the Bush magic Grandma Poss has used on Hush to make her invisible! This is a great way into finding out more about Australia, its animals and foods as well as being a very entertaining read. 


Koala Lou (Illustrated by Pamela Lofts, Picture Puffins ISBN: 978-0140540635 ) is all about being loved by your mother!


As more siblings arrive, her mother seems to have less and less time for Koala Lou. She decides to enter the Bush Olympics in the hope that if she wins, her mother will tell her that she loves her like she used to. Things don't go according to plan, but Koala Lou's mother still loves her and is proud of her.

This is such a heart-warming story to share with children who might be feeling vulnerable or worried about the arrival of a new sibling. 

So- have a look at her website and her books and enjoy the wonderful Mem Fox, who we wish a very happy birthday!