Happy birthday, Kenneth Grahame!

Born on the 8th March, 1859, in Edinburgh, Kenneth Grahame is probably best known for 'The Wind in the Willows'. This delightful tale tells of Mole and his friends, Ratty, Badger and Mr Toad along the riverbank. Although some sections of the original are less well known, most people know and love Mr Toad and his yellow caravan (poop! poop!), the riverside picnic and the weasels in the Wild Wood. 

There are some beautiful versions of the lovely classic and here are a few!

This beautiful book has been illustrated by Inga Moore. Every page has gorgeous pictures which are so detailed and charming that they capture the essence of Grahame's story perfectly.

Another delightful version is illustrated by David Roberts. This is such a different style of picture- quirky and fun, but still with great attention to detail.

I particularly love the little hedgehogs! This version is also lavishly illustrated with pictures at the the edges of pages, little inserts and full page spreads. 

Robert Ingpen's illustrations really evoke memories of the English countryside and the animals are drawn realistically with great attention to detail. 

Three very different, but equally special versions of this wonderful classic with something for everyone!