One sunny Saturday...the Oxford Literary Festival part one!

Early Saturday morning, three members of JAB set off to the 'city of dreaming spires' to spend the day immersed in their favourite pastime- books!

It was beautifully sunny as we made our way to the Festival site and we enjoyed the fact that Oxford was not yet full of the many tourists it usually attracts!

After buying our tickets, we had time to browse the wonderful array of books on offer in the Festival Tent before popping to Blackwell's for a spot of breakfast!

Then the fun really started! I'm ashamed to say that in all the many times I have been to Oxford, I have never been into the Weston Library- what a fantastic place! We took the opportunity to look round the 'Bodleian Treasures' exhibition and we stunned by all the amazing, beautiful pieces on show. If you're in Oxford, make sure you pop in to have a look.

A huge What On Earth Wallbook was in the main hall of the Weston Library, waiting for a show. The book was even more impressive large scale! My class would love to spend time looking at it and finding all the details, just as they do with the books!

Jonathan Stroud, Abi Elphinstone, Chris Riddell and Alex Wheatle joined forces in the Bodleian Divinity School for the first session. Such a friendly and interesting group! 

Then we went to see Lucy Worsley in the Sheldonian Theatre, talking about her new book, 'Eliza Rose'. It was a very entertaining talk with dressing up, lots of history and a quiz- with chocolate prizes! 

Lots of fun- and a book we're really looking forward to reading! 

And the day continued...