Oxford...part 2!

Exeter College Chapel was the perfect setting for our next session: Kevin Crossley-Holland and Jane Ray, accompanied by Flavia Hirte. 

In a fascinating session of music, readings and discussion, we were introduced to 'Heartsong', a collaboration of Jane's artistic talents and Kevin's amazing story telling. Pure magic!

At this point, we separated as I went to visit the Story Museum and Torie and Bev went to hear Chris Riddell in his 'Ask the Laureate' session. 

Bev and Torie really enjoyed hearing Chris Riddell as he answered questions and illustrated them for members of the audience. 

In the meantime, I had great fun exploring The Story Museum for my first, but certainly not last, visit!

Our final event of the day was the 'Rising Stars of Young Adult Fiction' panel- Eve Ainsworth, Nicole Burstein and C.J Skuse. The discussion was lively and interesting- a great finish to a great day!