V for Violet- one for older readers.

Love can be murder... or so it says on the cover! 

Sixteen year-old Violet feels trapped in her life. Trapped by the memory of the older brother she never knew, trapped by working in the family fish and chip shop, trapped by feeling different. The 60's is a time of change and Violet's best friend, Jackie, is changing with the times- and leaving Violet behind. 

And then her brother returns. And then girls start to go missing. And then it's Jackie...

This was one of those books I knew I had to read as soon as I saw the cover- don't ask me why! Having managed to track down a copy, it made its way quickly to the top of my 'to read soon' pile. 

The main character of the story is Violet. She is not an easy protagonist to like; she has lived in the shadow of her missing brother and married sister for so long that she feels her parents have no love left for her. She has an odd ability to see things others don't notice and to gauge when people are lying-'a curtain is drawn across their eyes.' She is awkward and different, rarely saying or doing the right thing. And then the author offers us glimpses of another Violet- one who slips Mrs Robinson extra batter bits; one whose head is full of all sorts of 'brilliant stuff'; a bookworm. 

And then there's Beau, the mysterious biker...

This is a great murder mystery. The plot is gripping and the reader is misdirected as the finger of suspicion moves over everyone. And then there is  final twist at the end.. Great stuff! A very satisfying, well written novel that keeps you guessing!


V for Violet by Alison Rattle

Hot Key Books  ISBN: 978-1471403811