Winner of the Haringey Book Award: Phoenix

This is one of those books that manages to combine illustrations and words to create something very special. Inside the lavish, golden cover, the images (by Dave McKean) are powerful and absorbing- quite beautiful in black and white.

A fascinating mixture of adventure, space and mythology, this is a challenging, intelligent read with skilfully drawn characters. 

Living amid interplanetary war, Lucky thinks he is a 'normal' human boy until he has a dream that the stars are singing. When he wakes, he finds he has an uncontrollable power inside him.

On the run, he races through space, searching for answers...and a way to save the galaxy. 

Many children in North Somerset have enjoyed S F Said's 'Varjak Paw' books and this will not disappoint. Hugely imaginative and uplifting, 'Phoenix' is a great adventure story for anyone.