Shakespeare Week 2016

It's Shakespeare Week- and we're loving learning about the great man!  Although I've chosen to use a selection of books, the main one we are using with the children is the fantastic 'William Shakespeare: Scenes from the life of the world's greatest writer' by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom. 

My class have responded so well to the use of illustration combined with facts about Shakespeare and the time he lived in. In addition to being a fabulous book for browsing, it offers so much potential for inspiring work across the curriculum. 

The book also contains a synopsis of some of Shakespeare's plays - an excellent way of introducing them to children.


If you want to learn how to draw Shakespeare, look no further!



There are many books available about Shakespeare. Others that I have in the classroom are The What On Earth WallBook: Shakespeare, Richard Brassey's 'Brilliant Brits: Shakespeare' and Marcia Williams' books of Shakespeare's plays. So much joy!

If you haven't looked at the Shakespeare Week website yet, then make sure you do. It's full of great ideas and activities to support learning in this area:

Another place with lots of information and ideas is the Globe website:

Shakespeare for School is another useful site:

Worried about tackling Shakespeare with primary children? Give it a go- you've nothing to lose and a lot of fun to have!