Reading for Pleasure...

In my class, reading in all forms and for all purposes, is considered really important. The expectation is that each child will read every day, at home and in school- and by this stage of the year, most of them do. I read to them every day - poems, picture books, novels- and have as wide a selection of reading matter in the class as I can- newspapers (First News), comics, Phoenix press books, novels, picture books, non-fiction... We go to the school library every week and have reading groups at lunchtimes. 

One thing the children really like is our Owl Tree. 

At the beginning of the year, each class was given a special box full of books. The box was covered with owls which led to the idea of the owl tree!

Everyone (adults too!) in the class is represented by an owl and they add a leaf by it for each book (etc) they have read. Some books they review; some they don't! It's all about what they want to recommend to their classmates. At the end of each term, the leaves fall (I keep them!) and the reviews are put in a file on the bookcase. 

A very simple idea, but one which they enjoy!