Let's go ride a bike...

Bright, colourful and huge fun, this is a must read for any classroom- or any child! The characters are boisterous and energetic and the words carefully chosen. 

The slithering snake was considering a snack...

The illustrations are lovely; I love the wide-eyed expressions of all the animals are they career through the undergrowth! 


The end papers even tell the story of the bike's arrival in the jungle and what happens to it once the animals have finished with it- children love details like this (and so do I!)

Although there are many ways you could use this in the classroom, I would love to use this for a library session, sharing the story and then making masks, acting it out, making giraffes using sweets and cocktail sticks! Lots of fun activities!

You can download a giraffe and a spider monkey mask here: https://www.panmacmillan.com/blogs/macmillan-children-s-books/make-your-own-mask