The man behind Bob the Builder!

Over the next few days, we are going to focus on some of the authors and illustrators we had the pleasure of meeting at Conference this weekend. And, in the spotlight today is...

Curtis Jobling

Curtis is an extremely talented author, illustrator and animator, who (as we found out on Saturday!) is also a really good sport when it comes to being dressed up by his friends! 

He told us that he came from a background where his mother was always putting a book-or a crayon- in his hands and took him to the library every Saturday morning. He talked about the importance of pictures in books and how 'pictures can be the thing that hooks them in'. Children love to 'linger over' pictures and revisit them. Like all members of JAB, he believes that we just need to give everyone that chance to find the right book for them; words that were music to our ears!

Curtis and Phil Earle (focus to come!) then gave us a taste of what they do when they visit a school! And I whole-heartedly recommend them!

Helping his fellow author, Curtis dressed up as 'Parallel Parking Man', striking super hero poses that must have taken many years of practising in front of the mirror to perfect! 

Curtis has a wonderful sense of humour and I know that my class would absolutely love to hear him. Being the creator of Bob the Builder would give him enough to talk about for hours, but he is very versatile and has written picture books as well as the very popular 'Wereworld' books. 

A very talented artist, he showed us how he could transform Bob from genial builder to snarling werewolf!

And then he drew the real thing in my notebook!

Curtis signed my copy of 'The Sheep Won't Sleep' (fantastic book- see our Bookshelf for a review) and one of the Wereworld series.

To my delight, I found that I had won a signed copy of his new book, 'Max Helsing and the Thirteenth Curse'! Yay! I will be posting a review as soon as I have read it.

You can find out more about Curtis and his books:


Please let us know if you're interested in joining forces as we're trying to arrange a visit!