Meet Ivy Pocket

Ivy is back and she’s in more trouble then ever! ‘Somebody Stop Ivy Pocket’ is the sequel to ’Anyone But Ivy Pocket’; it’s another rip-roaringly fast paced adventure featuring the irreverent, and sometimes highly skilled, heroine.

Since the last book, Ivy has been adopted by the Snagbsys - coffin makers by trade and, according to Ivy, the most devoted parents you would ever wish to meet, even though on the surface it looks as though she’s treated like a maid. Whilst Ivy’s life seems to be finally settled, her thoughts are still drawn to her recently deceased friend, Rebecca, and the devilish Miss Always. Her consolation is the library and her new friend, Miss Carnage, who seems a little too keen to assist Ivy.

Still in possession of the Clock Diamond, the cursed stone which should have killed her, Ivy desperately awaits a vision that will help her unravel the mystery of why she has survived its mystical powers, whilst others have not. When it reveals  a vision of Rebecca to her, she sets out to find a way of ‘lifting the veil’ that separates them and embarks upon a bold rescue mission.

Ivy’s wish to find and help Rebecca is hindered by not only the Snasbsys, but also by a desire to assist new-found friend, Estelle Dumbleby as she searches for her long lost brother. As the plot of the book unfolds, these hindrances turn out to be intertwined into the story of Ivy’s past and ultimately, her destiny.

Readers will love this darkly funny story set in the Dickensian style backstreets of London. John Kelly's illustrations are the perfect comic match with Caleb Krisp's wildly witty characters and plot. Ivy Pocket is a protagonist like no other. Her sometimes naive judgements of those she meets during her adventures will leave you screaming at the page in frustration whilst her sarcastic quips will make you laugh out loud.

As a sequel, the book draws heavily on the plot and characters of the first and to fully engage with the story, I would advise reading the books in order. However, read on its own, it remains a brilliant page turner.

These books could be recommended to fans of Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ and Eva Ibbotson’s fabulous children’s books all of which have a touch of dark humour and mystery to be solved.

'Somebody Stop Ivy Pocket' is released on 5th May 2016 and we'd like to thank Bloomsbury for sending us a copy to review.

ISBN : 978-1408858677

Author : Caleb Krisp

Illustrator : John Kelly

Number of pages : 336

Age recommendation : 10+