The Adventures Of Water

Let’s follow water on some of its many adventures! Just over 70% of our beautiful planet is covered with water - it literally surrounds us. This fabulous book explains everything you need to know about where water comes from, how we use it and even what happens when we flush it away! 

What’s even more impressive is how this is all explained through the wonder of pop ups! Flaps show how water travels around the world, pull tabs reveal water’s journey through the body; wheels turn to show how water is used- from transportation to hydropower energy stations and the highlight of the book is a water cycle, illustrated in a beautiful mountain range.

This book is dripping and splashing with fun facts- explaining where the wettest place on earth is (and it’s not in Great Britain), why your wee is yellow and why the sea is salty. Voyage to the depths of the oceans and find out why fish don’t freeze in 0ºC temperatures, how heat is spread around the world through the seas and how fish breath under water.

This is a gorgeous interactive book, one that should be treasured and read again and again. It would be a special edition on any teacher’s shelf.

Book Title: The Adventures of Water

Authors: Dr Malcolm Rose and Sean Sims

Consultants: Dr Patricia Macnair and Ryan Marek

Paper Engineer: Neal Manning

Publisher: Red Shed

ISBN: 9781405277396