Book Scavenger


The perfect idea for book lovers everywhere! Forget geocaching, who cares about Pokemon GO- let's all play 'Book Scavenger'!

Emily is on the move again- and this time to San Francisco- home of her hero, Garrison Griswold, creator of Book Scavenger. The game involves books being hidden all over the country with clues posted to help followers find them. Twelve year old Emily is at the 'Miss Marple' level and is keen to progress.

But things change when she and her new friend, James, discover an odd book. Griswold- the 'Willy Wonka of book publishing'- is attacked and is in a coma. There are others hunting for this book and Emily and James need to race to solve the clues before Griswold's attackers come after them. 

Intriguing and exciting, this is a book that will involve children in solving the puzzles and ciphers throughout. It could be the start of a Book Scavenger game around school, set up by the children themselves. 

Set in San Francisco, the book also offers an insight into that city, its landmarks and history. The author seems to view it with affection as it comes across as a great place to live. I'd love to visit Hollister's! 'Book Scavenger' could be read alongside work on America as an example of one of their many, diverse cities.

There are so many possibilities for using a text like this with children, but above all, it is a great romp of an adventure which has books at its heart! Perfect!


Book Scavenger by  Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Henry Holt and Company  ISBN: 978-1627791151