How To Capture An Invisible Cat


When looking for a read aloud for my class, the first thing I think about is the children themselves. Each bunch will respond to different books in the same way as individuals do so it's important to find a plot/ characters that will appeal to as many of them as possible. Then, I have to look at the language- is it well written? Will it be a joy to read? Will the words flow? Will there be moments to pause and enjoy/ explore the plot/ vocabulary choices without ruining the read? And above all, will it become a moment in the day that the children will love? 

'How To Capture an Invisible Cat' ticks all the above boxes! I am NOT going to give a summary of the plot as I think everyone should have the giggles involved in discovering what happens in this one for themselves!

Both appealing in different ways, Nate and Delphine are real odd-ball  partners in adventure in this mad-cap romp of imagination! The story is pacey and full on, but also considers the importance of friendship and teamwork. The story is easily broken into sections within chapters, making an extra few minutes read before play/lunch possible to satisfy those story cravings!

The end of the story sets the scene perfectly for another adventure - and I really hope there is more to come from this pair! I shall be first in the queue for the next instalment! 

Go on- add it to your summer reading list- you know you want to!


How to Capture an Invisible Cat  by Paul Tobin, illustrated by Katie Abey

Bloomsbury   ISBN: 978-1408869970