Werewolf Club Rules


'Werewolf Club Rules' is a great collection of poems, just asking to be shared! Joseph Coelho's poems can be thought-provoking, are more-ish and full of fun. The whole book oozes the idea that poetry is for performing and should be enjoyed!

This collection would be great for encouraging children to think about word play and how poets make their choices. 'An A* from Miss Coo' is one to make us all think! There are several ways this could be introduced to children and used/ discussed.  

M.O.R.E.R.A.P.S is an excellent poem to introduce (or remind) children of some features of poetic writing. Each letter stands for a technique, e.g. M is metaphor and the poem then explains this and gives examples. This would be an excellent piece for learning by heart and sharing as it really lends itself to part speaking and creative performing. The poem could also be used as a starting point for locating these features in other poems and exploring how poets use each technique. 

 ‘If All the World Were Paper…’ is excellent for introducing the subjunctive voice in a more meaningful way to Y6 children who are expected to be able to identify it! And this doesn't take away from the fact that it is an enjoyable poem that children could use as a model for their own work. 

There are so many poems that would inspire and excite the most reluctant poet- they are written to be enjoyed, performed and shared! An exciting collection -make sure you explore it soon!

Werewolf Club Rules  Joseph Coelho

Frances Lincoln     ISBN: 978-1847804525