Elmer Day 28th May 2016

Happy 25th Birthday Elmer!

Today generations of readers will be celebrating the wonderful colourful character Elmer!

Anderson Press have created a fabulous celebration pack, which can be downloaded here to help you plan your own celebrations.

The pack includes ideas for creating your own Elmer crafts, colouring sheets, games, a mask and bunting!

We received our pack in the post and it came with stickers, which we used it to create our own cupcakes for an Elmer themed birthday party!

We coloured pictures and badges, played pin the trunk on Elmer and even had a game of hide and seek- where Elmer hid and we chased around trying to find him!

There are hundreds of events taking place all over the country today, so if you'd like to join in the fun why not find an event near you?

Twentyfive years on and the story of Elmer the elephant is as vibrant and inspiring as it ever was. A story of differences and acceptance, it truly is a timeless classic.

Happy Birthday to a most beloved elephant.