Can you ever have too many..?

Rabbit and I share much in common. The big difference is the focus of our obsession: for him, carrots, for me, books! 

An overriding passion for carrots forces Rabbit from his home and, in the search for somewhere to live (with yet more carrots!), he makes first Tortoise, then Bird, then Squirrel and finally, Beaver, homeless too!

In the end, Rabbit learns to share- both his carrots and his home- and the story ends happily.

This is a lovely book for reading aloud. The different animals lend themselves to using a range of character voices which always encourages children to do the same and to discuss what type of voice would suit each character. The story is perfect for acting out- with costumes/ masks- or just informally. 

'Too Many Carrots' is perfect for starting discussions about sharing, but also wider conversations about how many possession we actually need and how many we want.

The story offers many opportunities for writing activities. Each character could develop a hoarding habit of their own with disastrous or humorous consequences! Children could make lists, write letters, invitations, explanations, reports about animals...

However, this beautifully illustrated book could also be used as the inspiration for lots of fun things to make and do- both at home and at school. Growing carrots, designing a garden (not just for carrots!)- and planting it, making carrot soup, carrot cake...unless you're doing a unit on healthy eating- in which case, carrot sticks and healthy dips! Create your own recipes!

 They could find out about the history of carrots- there is a website

and more information...

You can print with carrots, use them to make batteries...

I still firmly believe there is no such thing as too many books.. and 'Too Many Carrots' is a book for everyone's collection!

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson

Curious Fox ISBN: 978-1782024156