All You Need is... Cake!

Trolliver's Cafe is doing a raring trade, feeding all the Trolls who much prefer eating cake to children when Oliver and Troll notice that Dolly (Oliver's little sister) has gone missing. In spite of the warnings about Grumbug, Oliver and Troll (armed with cake!) head off to Munch Mountain in search of her.

A delicious story!  Adam Stower manages to combine witty and clever illustrations with just the right amount of text. Oliver's confidence that a nice cake will please even 'the biggest, meanest, grumpiest and greenest troll of all' makes you chuckle as you (and Troll!) can see all the clues that Oliver ignores on his quest to find his sister. Troll's wonderfully expressive face reveals his concerns, but his loyalty to Oliver keeps him going. 

Just as you think the truth has been revealed...there is a great twist to the tale (I won't spoil it for you!) which is solved by yet more cake! 

The story is a great one for sharing- in fact, it improves with each re-telling as you notice more details each time you look! It would make a great story to use as the basis for a unit of work with younger children as it offers a wide range of possibilities for exploring story and language, acting and role play...and is great fun!

The book also inspires a whole host of ideas for making and crafting ideas. Following simple recipes, creating troll style cakes, making troll masks, creating your own troll... I could go on and on!

Great for class or home, Grumbug! is sure to become a firm favourite with everyone.

Grumbug! By Adam Stower

Templar  ISBN: 978-1783700523