The importance of BIG imagination!

This is a story about a little girl.

A very special little girl...

and her name is...


Although Poppy Pickle lives with her ordinary family in her ordinary house, we soon learn she is far from ordinary herself. Poppy has an amazing imagination which tends to get her into scrapes. Having been sent upstairs to tidy her room, her imagination gets out of control and gets her into a real pickle!

Full of fun and things to giggle about, 'Poppy Pickle' is a lovely book for sharing. There is so much to look at and laugh about in the delightful illustrations which are bright, bold and colourful. If you slip the jacket from the book, the cover is a fabulous explosion of colour and imagination!

As well as being fun, there is much to discuss in this lovely story. It's a celebration of imagination and its importance, yet also offers a light hearted look at how it can get out of control!

The story can be used to start children imagining their own inventions and creations! Poems, plays and prose could follow, allowing them to explore their ideas to the full! The pictures will inspire them to create their own illustrations, playing with shape and colour along with their imaginings.

Great fun for at home and at school, 'Poppy Pickle' is a little book full of big imagination! Well worth getting your hands on a copy!

Poppy Pickle by Emma Yarlett

Templar   ISBN: 978-1783701759