Hay Highlights-G.R. Gemin

Sweet Pizza is a 'book about Wales, food and journeys. It's about inherited culture.' On Sunday, I heard G. R Gemin speak about his new book and the inspiration behind writing it.

The book parallels his family history. His parents were both born in Venice, but came to the Rhondda Valley in the 1950's to find work. The audience listened, spell bound, as he played a recording of his mother sharing her memories in Italian, G.R translating- it was fascinating!

Family history was a key theme to the talk as it is in the book and G.R encouraged the audience to speak to family and record their oral history in whatever way possible. He was so enthusiastic, drawing on his own family experience and sharing both film and audio clips along with photos.

Food and opera were also discussed! G.R's passion for opera was so inspiring and in the book, Joe (the main character) is influenced by his Italian heritage and his Nonno's (grandfather's) love of this music. 

With several readings and a video on how to make real Italian pasta from scratch, the session came to an end. It was a very personal insight into G.R Gemin's family history and how this inspired his writing. Although some people try to make immigration a very current issue, this is a story which shows this is not the case and that our society thrives on its mix of cultures.

'Sweet Pizza' is a great book and will be reviewed on the website soon. If you get the chance to hear G.R Gemin speak- make sure you do!

'Sweet Pizza' by G.R Gemin

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