Fun with Old Bear, Little Bear and Jolly Tall!

I have many happy memories of reading Jane Hissey stories to my son when he was little so I was delighted to have the chance to go and meet her in person. 

Old Bear, Little Bear and Jolly Tall were sitting waiting for the event to start and Jane very kindly let me have a close look at a 'dummy' book that she had. Her practice work was beautiful, showing what a talented artist she is.

There was a lovely crowd of children and parents in Waterstones, listening as Jane read us a selection of her stories- Little Bear's Trousers, Ruby, Blue and Blanket and Ruff. For each story, she showed us the characters from the story and told us stories about them! Bramwell Brown, for example, was her son's bear and she had to borrow him at night to draw whilst her son was asleep! Hoot, the owl, was made from an old coat that she had and Splash's necklace came from shells from the bottom of her handbag, collected by her children!

Jan told the children how she draws in pencil first and then colours her pictures in - and it is the colouring in that takes the time! Everyone then enjoyed colouring, drawing and creating wonderful pictures of these lovely characters. 

It was such a lovely event- thanks to Bath Waterstones for arranging it and many thanks to Jane Hissey for such a fascinating insight into the way she works!