Happy Birthday, Eric Carle!

Can you imagine a world without 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'? Nor me! Such a simple book- but so clever and so inspiring! I was read this as a child, read it to my own son and have used it in school- both in English and in French!

Today is the birthday of the amazing creator of this and a whole host of other wonderful picture books- Eric Carle. His distinctive collage-style art work and his ability to convey his ideas simply and clearly combine to make his books appealing and memorable- those which children reach for again and again! Bright and cheerful images leap off the page and inspire children to create their own versions and originals in his style.

We weren't playing with this in the bookshop, honestly!

We weren't playing with this in the bookshop, honestly!

Author/ illustrator of many titles, Eric Carle's work can be found in every library, school and many homes. His website http://www.eric-carle.com/home.html is full of information, ideas, games and resources. Well worth looking at!

Happy birthday, Mr Carle - and thank you for all your fabulous books!