Busy as a beaver!

'There once was a beaver who was so busy that he didn't always think things through...'

So begins the story of 'The Busy Beaver'. Beaver's carelessness causes the other animals problems and is destroying the environment. An accident means he has time to stop and reflect on his actions. Horrified by the problems he has caused, Beaver sets out to put things right.

This is an excellent story for encouraging children to consider the impact we can have on the environment. Beaver doesn't mean any harm- he's just busy- too busy to take care-too busy to pay attention. The fact that he is a very endearing character makes it easy to enter into discussions about how we might all change or amend our actions to make things better. 

The illustrations are simple, bold and effective and full of humour. Beaver's face is so expressive! The animal characters and landscape reflect the Canadian background of the author/illustrator, Nicholas Oldland, offering lots of opportunities for looking at maps, discussion and research. 

The very strong  messages about acknowledging our mistakes and making amends make this a great book for PSHE sessions. There are many writing opportunities as well- letters, non-chronological reports, lists, persuasion, instructions... 

'The Busy Beaver' would also make the perfect basis for a board game with penalty/ reward cards for Beaver's behaviour and so on! So much fun!!

The Busy Beaver  by Nicholas Oldland

Pikku Publishing   ISBN: 978-0992805081