A Horse Named...Hendrix!

Looking for a light-hearted read? Something with challenging vocabulary, an entertaining plot and a strong moral? And told in rhyme? Then this is the perfect book for you!

Hendrix was raised on a West Country farm

in a spot quite well known for its elegant charm.

Finding his hometown of Higgleston 'frightfully dreary', Hendrix is delighted when a festival comes to the meadow beneath his field. When he hears 'The Tumbling Pebbles' play, he dances and sings to his heart's delight!

When the festival leaves, Hendrix finds something that changes his life completely, but it's not his... Will he have the courage to do the right thing- even if it means giving up his dreams?


As well as being a fun story, this is very well written with a rich vocabulary in rhyme which works perfectly. The illustrations are wonderful- Hendrix gallops off the page, full of character, making the reader cheer for him every step of the way. The plot is simple, but well developed and one that could be easily innovated should teachers wish to use this story as a starting point for writing! 

Words selected from the story could be used for synonym games or developing word pools or banks (or stables!) Children could create other horse characters to live on the farm with Hendrix, each with their own talent or skill and perhaps write about them in rhyme.

The 'moral' of the story lends itself to being discussed- Hendrix's dilemma can be explored and different outcomes discussed. 

An excellent read aloud or a great independent read, this is a book which will find an enthusiastic following in schools and homes across the country. I can't wait to find out about 'Colin, the Cart Horse', the subject of the next book in the series and hope to review that as well!

Hendrix the Rocking Horse written by Gavin Pluckett, illustrated by Tor Freeman

Faber and Faber   ISBN: 978-0571315406