Every dog has his day!

Everyone likes to see an underdog come out on top! Scruff is a stray; he has no human friend, wears no collar and is never brushed. Unlike the other dogs, he has no one to walk him, no one to tell him to sit- and no one to stop him digging! 

Not everyone appreciates his talent. The local dogs and their human friends are NOT impressed and send Scruff away. However, when he discovers a huge stash of bones, the others are keen to help and Scruff's talent earns him fame and a new home.

A lovely book to read aloud and share, younger children would also enjoy acting the story and developing the character of each dog and their owner. The story could easily be plotted and innovated upon, allowing children to explore other possible talents and how they might benefit their owner in the end!

There are many opportunities for discussion about friendship, team work and using and being proud of your skills. 

The illustrations are delightful! Scruff oozes energy and enthusiasm whilst the 'human friends' appear only as legs, keeping the focus at dog level! Even the Queen is up-staged by her canine companions! 

A lovely text to link to work on dinosaurs or discoveries!


One Hundred Bones by Yuval Zommer

Templar     ISBN: 978-1783702794