Need a babysitter? Try Marge!

Who doesn't want a fun babysitter? When Jake and Jemima  find out that they have to have a babysitter, they are not too keen on the idea. However, Marge is not at all what they were expecting! With her rainbow coloured hair and a different way of interpreting the duties of a babysitter, a lot can happen while mum and dad aren't home!

Initially, the children are not impressed as Marge doesn't look very promising, but as soon as her little yellow woolly hat comes off, the fun starts. Teller of tall tales and instigator of all sorts of mischief, Marge still manages to tick off all the jobs on Mummy's list. 

The stories have a lovely family feel to them. Jake is a very 'real' little boy- certainly no angel. He won't eat broccoli and hates washing his hair, but Marge finds ways of making these fun things to do. Jemima loves her little brother and cares for him, taking her sister role seriously and trying to follow Mummy's lists! Their warm relationship with Marge shows that older people can be fun to be around and celebrates cross generation relationships. Their parents are busy, but interested and loving - it's a happy home!

The author, Isla Fisher, is indeed the ex-Home and Away actress, but as a mother started to make up bedtime stories for her three children and that is where the 'Marge' stories have come from. The illustrations are delightful, bringing the characters to life and there are plenty of them, capturing the sense of fun in each story. 

There are three fun stories in this book, perfect for children starting to read independently and wanting achievable, satisfying stories. 

Marge in Charge  by Isla Fisher and illustrated by Eglantine Ceulemans

Piccadilly    ISBN: 978-1848125339