This looks like an ordinary box...

 Annabelle lives in a cold little town where 'everywhere you looked was either the white of snow or the black of soot from chimneys.'  She finds a box full of wool of every colour. With this, she starts to knit and soon covers the entire town in colourful knitwear! The box never empties- never runs out of yarn!

As the box's reputation spreads, an Archduke from another land offers Annabelle huge amounts of money for the box which she refuses to sell. He has the box stolen, but gets his just reward as he finds the box empty!

This is a great favourite of mine! Annabelle shares her yarn selflessly and in doing so, transforms her monochrome town. It has the feel of a traditional tale with the good triumphing over evil theme. But it is a gentle and calm story- the archduke is foiled by his own selfishness and the box finds its way back to Annabelle who continues to change her world one stitch at a time. 

The illustrations are everything you would expect from Jon Klassen. Very simple, but very effective. I love the way the jumpers are depicted- the bright stitches look almost feather-like as they spread across the town. There are many humorous details to be enjoyed on each page and some of the characters look very familiar!

There is so much that could be done with the book in school that I am planning to plan around it! A treasure of a book for all to enjoy!