A Forest

Longlisted for the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award Picture Book Category

There once was a forest...

This is such a striking book. The fresh colours, the textured cover and the font choice all make it a book which people are compelled to pick up and enjoy.

Deforestation and human impact on the environment are the themes of this book. People are greedy and take too much, poisoning the world around them, destroying everything. But ultimately, nature survives.

Each page offers limited text- but it is the perfect balance to the stunning illustrations which dominate and develop the story. 

The book offers so many opportunities for discussing the importance of trees and the dangers of poor air quality. It could inspire writing in several different forms- persuasion, poetry, discussion, narrative etc, and debate, research, dance and drama. It could be used as the starting point for work in geography or PSHE. And the art possibilities are many and varied!

It is beautiful and moving, yet simply told and all the more effective for this. A real gem!


A Forest by Marc Martin

Templar   ISBN: 978-1783702084